Get to Know Ukraine

How much do you know about Ukraine? Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, larger than France, Germany and Spain. Ukraine experiences four seasons too like other countries. It is the homeland of many talented scientists, poets, researchers, actors, writers and musicians and actors.

Many impressive features of Ukraine will amaze you! The deepest escalator is found  in Ukraine (105 meters) in Arsenalna Metro Station in Kiev. It takes around four minutes to reach the station. Trypillian culture had greatly influenced Ukraine.

Many not know but historically, in the year 1932 to 1933, about seven to ten million people died due to starvation. But now, the place is one of the developing countries. Ukraine marked the history as it is a very young country to regain its independence, only 20 years ago. Ukraine boasts to be free from nuclear weapons. It refuses to take nuclear weapons after the world war. UNESCO’s heritage home is in Lviv, Ukraine.

Have you ever heard about the statue of a sitting Lady Liberty? Many replicas of the statue of liberty has spread in the world, however, you will see a unique statue in the Ukraine, the statue of a sitting Lady Liberty.

Believe it or not, 77 % of the people have never been to abroad. Instead, many foreigners visit to Ukraine. According to travellers digest, the city of Kiev, which was a city in Ukraine, ranked number one with the most beautiful women in the world. Wedding is signified by a ring on the right hand.

Above all, the place of Ukraine signifies a lot of number one and best of best. Ukraine is known as one of the largest grain exporters in the world. It is the first who built the biggest plane in the world, AN-225 Mriya. The first gas lamp was invented in this place, too. It features the oldest known-observatory in the world – the Kamyana Mohyla, that was built thousands of years before Stonehenge and Sumer. Finally, it is the first who domesticated horses.