Family Orientation

Building a family encounters many ups and downs. Husband and wife may differ in many various ways, culturally, lifestyle, spiritually and much more. The strong relationship between a husband and wife will take root to a strong foundation of a family. Family is extremely important. Up until today, a lot of people value the life of a family.

Families are that important in Ukraine, too. They stay close to each other and extended families are very much particular in the country like others. As much as possible, they will live together in one village, building and taking cafe of each other until the age of time comes. Despite the decreasing number of people in Ukraine as the number of birth decreases while the number of death rate increases, it is still common for parents and even grandparents to take the role of parenting their children, grandchildren down to great grandchildren.

Like many other women in the world, women in Ukraine long for partners who will love and treat them well. Someone who will understand their culture. Traditionally, wedding ceremony in Ukraine is full of rituals. It is a custom to ask for the blessing of the couple’s parents prior to the appointed wedding ceremony. Until, buying out the bride is still being practiced.

Accordingly, the groom will visit the bride’s home with his gifts. Upon entering, there is the bride waiting. They then bow down to their parents and even godparents three times. Yes, there are godparents for at least two pairs.

Ukrainian women value their marriage because they believe that it is the beginning of building a family. Most families in Ukraine have strong bonds. They are compassionate and affectionate to each other living a happy and successful lives together.